Kara Duhe
Pink glasses real orgasm
I was chillin' and reading at home.. got a little tired so i laid back.. until i saw my fav toy lying around..well you know me..hehe..so thought i should put it to some good use =) you like it when i'm bad? don't you? lolz..
love k.
Photos - April 16, 2012
Flashing her small titties and an awesome suck
Video - April 20, 2012
Backstage mix matching outfits and chatting
Kara Duhe
Red black
I was staying overnight at my friends house, she gave me this super hot red lingerie to changed in to! i rolled over in her bed and accidentaly saw her toy didn't know she had one! So did some naughty things while she's in the shower.. hehe maybe next time you'll see me with her.. lolz
love k.
Photos - April 09, 2012
Bending over and toys her pussy
Video - April 13, 2012
Naughty in bed licking her glass dildo
Kara Duhe
Just woke up, and was to lazy to get up! =) not until i get hold of my dildo that i used last night to get to sleep.. hehe..=)so thought i'd do some clit exercise.. lolz =)
love k.
Photos - April 02, 2012
Naughty rollin' and teasing in bed
Video - April 06, 2012
Bent over in bed rubbing her wet pussy and squeezing her awesome small tits
Kara Duhe
I was getting some exercise when i saw myself in the mirror and how hot i looked in my shorts..but i looked even hotter when they came off..lolz =)
love k.
Photos - March 26, 2012
Foxy in her cute shorts
Video - March 30, 2012
Sexy bedtime orgasm and pussy vibrations
Kara Duhe
Floor dildo
Just hanging out at the window trying to get some fresh air..it was a wonderful day and i felt kinda lonely.. so i sat on the floor grabbed my toy.. and yeah.. i tease to entertain myself.. lolz.. hehe..
love k.
Photos - March 19, 2012
Getting low and naughty on the floor
Video - March 23, 2012
Squirting her pussy juice and spreading her pink in bed
Kara Duhe
Pink Bed
Just one of those days when i woke up feeling naughty.. well ain't that new? hehe.. i was warm all night and thought i should share it with you.. *wink so rolled over on my bed flirted a bit pulled up my skimpy pink nightie.. and rubbed my goodies.. if only you were here.. :)
love k.
Photos - March 9, 2012
In bed showing off her goodies
Photos - March 12, 2012
In her white stockings and skimpy school skirt flaunting her tight booty
Kara Duhe
Yellow Dress
Hiyah guys, we did a photo shoot today and it was all fun and laughs i had a blast, and you know how things can get crazy sometimes.. hehe.. felt really horny so before we wrapped up the day I started striping my clothes off, so the camera man continued shooting.. well i know it's extra work.. but i bet he really didn't mind.. *grin :D
love k.
Photos - March 2, 2012
Strip teasing in her yellow undies
Photos - March 5, 2012
On the terrace rubbing her pussy
Kara Duhe
Well just got back from hanging at the beach catching some rays. i was just changing when the camera man saw me, he loved my kick ass pink sarong :) and thought it'll make a great treat for my members.. and since its' been awhlile since you guys saw me in a bikini.. so we started shooting and had a blast.. hope you like this.. ^__^
love k.
Photos - February 24, 2012
Flirting in her bikini flaunting her nice curves
Photos - February 27, 2012
On a purple chair stripping off her sexy blue top and sheer thong
Kara Duhe
Another fun day at the photo shoot, well this time it was costume time, i grabbed these hippy looking yellow shorts and a matching yellow bandana, bam! instant 70's look. It was pretty cool being hip you know, but what's really cool is my sexy round ass being exposed? hehe.. come and check me out!
love k.
Photos - February 17, 2012
In her hippy outfit, spreading her legs revealing her tight pussy
Photos - February 20, 2012
Glamorously posing nude by the sunset
Kara Duhe
Pink Dress
Just got back from a pretty long shopping day :) So tired that i just sat down on the floor to rest a bit. I was going to change but then i saw my cute pink dildo nearby grabbed it and started playing around rubbing my pussy.. it was a nice and relaxing moment for me :D Don't miss this one!
love k..
Photos - February 10, 2012
Relaxing her clits with her pink dildo on the floor
Videos - February 13, 2012
On the couch pleasing her pussy gently rubbing and stroking it with a dildo
Kara Duhe
Blue Stripes
I was by the window enjoying the view of the beach when the camera guy came to me and i looked pretty in my new stripped dress. I was so flattered that thought it would be good if i teased him a bit so I started seducing him flashed my tits a bit. I was just supposed to tease him but things got of hand and became a strip show :)
love k.
Photos - February 3, 2012
Seductive in her tight blue stripped dress
Video - February 6, 2012
Masturbating on a chair with her dildo and vibrator blowing a huge orgasm
Kara Duhe
Plaid Fire
Me and my friends are gonna go out and I was waiting by the fire place but wheew.. i didn't know that staying by the fire place makes you really hot.. if you know what i mean.. lolz.. I felt a little horny... okay i'm always horny. :p I thought i should i have a little fun for myself while the girls aren't still here.. haha :D pulled my checkered dress and started rubbing my tits and clits.
love k..
Photos - January 27, 2012
In her glamorous checkered dress stretching her tight pussy
Videos - January 30, 2012
Backstage fun interview and teasing
Kara Duhe
I was going to catch some rays by the beach in my bikinis when I caught the eyes of the camera guy and started following me around and asked me to strike a pose so I did. He was doing his thing and i felt really sexy so I laid back on the couch and showed him a little more how sexy i can be in my bikinis.. hehe :D
love k..
Photos - January 20, 2012
In her pink bikinis fondles her pink with a dildo and a vibrator on the couch
Videos - January 23, 2012
Gorgeous in her orange dress and bikini posing on the couch
Kara Duhe
What a fun day today were doing new shoots and trying on new dresses.. my favorite! hehe.. I had a blast today felt really pretty sexy in my new lavander undies! Splitted my legs touched and played my goodies a bit.. okay not bit.. hehe :D I got a little wetter than the usual :P You'll definitely enjoy this one!
love k..
Photos - January 13, 2012
Sassy and glamorous in her lavander undies spreading her wet pussy
Videos - January 16, 2012
Foxily teasing on the chair in her yellow stripped dress
Kara Duhe
White Window
Its was a great day of shooting, but today was extra special.. sometimes during the photo shoot I really get turned on.. but this time when I say its on its really on..haha :) i felt really horny today that my pussy is twitching and was wetter than the usual that i have to take off my panties:P It was so soothing good.. you should see this!
love k.
Photos - January 6, 2012
On the couch spreading her tight wet flower
Videos - January 9, 2012
By the fire place flashing and rubbing her goodies
Kara Duhe
Yellow Stripes
I was just chillin and enjoying the natures view after a long day of shopping :) When the camera guy came across me with his new camera, and asked me to do a shoot with him.. so I grabbed on of the new yellow dress that I got and it really looked goon on me and loved how the dress hugged my body.. but too bad it had to come off... haha :) loved this one!
love k..
Photos - December 30, 2011
Flirting in her bikini flaunting her nice curves
Videos - January 2, 2012
Horny on the couch spreading and rubbing her wet pussy with a vibrator
Kara Duhe
Pink Orange
I was just chillin and enjoying the natures view after a long day of shopping :) When the camera guy came across me with his new camera, and asked me to do a shoot with him.. so I grabbed on of the new yellow dress that I got and it really looked goon on me and loved how the dress hugged my body.. but too bad it had to come off... haha :) loved this one!
love k.
Photos - December 26, 2011
Glamorous in her sexy orange dress and pink bikinis
Kara Duhe
Chrome Yellow
Loved my new hair! like it? I know you do.. haha.. just kiddin :) we had a great time doing this shoot cause were trying new looks for me.. and I'm really loving it :) new hair new dress great photos what more can i ask for? So in return i did my best seducing my camera man for doing such a great job on my new look.. hehe :D
love k..
Photos - December 23, 2011
Stunning in her yellow tops spreading on the chair
Kara Duhe
My first time naked in front of a camera, nervous... excited... horny...
love k.
Photos - December 16, 2011
Gorgeous, shy and sexy, Kara's first time.
Video - December 19, 2011
Backstage giggles and a great closeup nipple rub.
Kara Duhe
The dildo was a little cold until I got it all wet. After that I must of broke down laughing 20 times - it felt so good I didn't want to stop, so i didn't, I just kept going... heaven...
love k.
Photos - December 12, 2011
Spreading for a brand new toy.The perfect view.
Kara Duhe
Can't sleep and was lying on bed when i I saw my dildo... felt kinda horny that night, and yeah.. i rocka bye baby my pussy to sleep.. hehehe.. =))
love k.
Photos - December 9, 2011
Midnight toy fun
Kara Duhe
Pink Bra
It was a sunny day, so there i was chillin' alone, then i felt really hot and stripped off my pink bra and sexy yellow see through panties.. just wanted you to know how naughty i can get when i'm alone.. *wink
love k.
Photos - December 2, 2011
Spreading her gorgeous cherries
Video - December 5, 2011
Awesome bedtime dildo fun and clit exercise
Kara Duhe
i was hanging out waiting for a friend to come pick me up and was just thinking..hmm why not take some naughty pics.. hihi..so yep you know me, i just started taking pics and flashing my body parts for you! you like it huh? wish you were there to touch it.. maybe next time! =)
love k.
Photos - November 28, 2011
Naughty teasing and titty flashing
Kara Duhe
Teal Blue
In my room, trying on my new sexy blue top. Ain't i pretty? lolz.. ^__^
love k.
Photos - November 25, 2011
Strip tease and fun clit rub
Kara Duhe
Red Lipstick
This is my first glamour photo shoot, kissable red lips, gorgeous natural titties, perfect pink pussy lips.. hot sexy outfit.. what more can you ask for? You can look.. but don't drool too much.. hehehe...=))
love k.
Photos - November 21, 2011
Pink hole and tit rub
Kara Duhe
Again in a glamour photo shoot wearing my super hot yellow top...and guess what? I forgot to wear my panties!.. wish you could see it up close!... well maybe next time..=)
love k.
Photos - November 18, 2011
Sexy and naughty
Kara Duhe
Pink Blue
There I was in an empty room all by myself, saw this beautiful pink rose on the floor..you know me when i'm alone... hehe... started stripping my clothes off and found myself on the floor naked.. naughty me...
love k.
Photos - November 11, 2011
Thumb sucking on the floor
Video - November 15, 2011
Incredible orgasm with a vibrator
Kara Duhe
Blue night
Hey! I bought a new nightie... And god its super cute so I tried it on.. I looked so good that i got horny.. again.. lolz! If you know what i mean.. *wink
love k.
Photos - November 7, 2011
Spreading in her new nightie. Fantastic!
Kara Duhe
Had these very cute matching undies.. felt so sexy that day..You can look but please don't keep your jaw hanging like that! just kidding..hihi =))
love k.
Photos - November 4, 2011
Caressing her tight sexy body. Don't you just love it?
Kara Duhe
White Dildo
I was so bored, waiting for someone... then I saw my fav toy lying around.. =)) If you'd only been there.. *winks
love k.
Photos - October 31, 2011
A huge toy in her pussy
Kara Duhe
White lace
Had a fun day at my photo shoot.. i got this super hot sheer top.. i was so happy wearing this coz' its so comfortable and sexy.. so happy that i got myself horny again.. hehe.. hope you like it =))
love k.
Photos - October 24, 2011
Photo shoot giggles and fun pussy rub
Video - October 28, 2011
Great tounge action
Kara Duhe
White Corner
Okay i just got up from a quick nap, i was going to change, but then i got lazy.. again..haha.=P so i sat down on the floor and chilled in the corner, then the camera guy noticed that i was wet down there.. He took the camera and started shooting i got turned on and got even wetter, touched and played just a little.. you defintely shouldn't miss this. hehe
love k.
Photos - October 17, 2011
On the floor rubbing her wet pussy
Video - October 21, 2011
Fun chatty giggles and sexy panty fitting
Kara Duhe
Happy Halloween! I was going to a costume party that night,found this hot orange top with kick ass panty and socks. Tried them on, and you know me, i got naughty ran around the studio looking for a broom to ride on but saw this red thingy.. sat down and posed... the camera man saw me, and started shooting
love k.
Photos - October 10, 2011
Sexy on a red chair
Video - October 14, 2011
On the floor teasing in her yellow undies
Kara Duhe
Red Top
It was another beautiful sunny day, yeah.. you bet i love sunny days.. =) i was just chillin' around the studio, wearing my lovely pink top and white skirt. it was so hot, i didn't wear my undies, you know we got to have some air flow down there.. hehe.. besides i bet you guys don't mind.. right? lolz =) come in and see more!
love k.
Photos - October 3, 2011
On the window playng with her fav toys
Video - October 7, 2011
On the bed wearing her sheer nightie sucking a dildo
Kara Duhe
Hello Kitty
It was one of those very boring hot days. i was hanging out in the window wearing my sheer white top and my recently bought pink hello kitty undies, so cute heheh, =) getting some nice sun.. cause it's good for the skin ya'know.. Felt that the suns warmth was not enough, so i slipped off my panties and started to make some heat myself.. haha.. naughty me.. =)
love k.
Photos - September 26, 2011
Teasing and spreading in the window giving her pussy a good rubbing
Video - September 30, 2011
Awesome hot pussy and hard nipple rubbing closeups
Kara Duhe
Yellow Panties
I had a pretty long day at school and was pretty tired..=( I was changing up in the studio wearing only a top and yellow panties until the camera man came saw me and started shooting. Didn't mind cause i was thinking of releasing some of the stress.. hehehe.. rubbed and spread my pink a little. Enjoy!
love k.
Photos - September 19, 2011
On the couch pleaseing herself with a blue dildo
Video - September 23, 2011
Masturbating showing her tight wet pussy after having an orgasm
Kara Duhe
Red Hat
It's pretty cold outside so i was going through the closet for something to wear or to strip off.. haha =D I found this gorgeous red hat and scarf to match my sexy bra and panties tried them on and they were so sexy on me that i needed to show them off to you! Posed and teased a bit.. =) Hope you like this one.. don't miss this.. absolutely HOT!
love k.
Photos - September 12, 2011
Showing her gorgeous teen body in a red scarf and undies
Video - September 16, 2011
Backstage trying on her white top and pink panties showing her hard nipples
Kara Duhe
Blue Yellow
So im just chilling in my favorite spot in the studio wearing my blue top and yellow skirt outfit on the couch and felt like getting naked and showing you my pink pussy! So i did some flashing and upskirts and spread my tight ass and lips to show you inside! Hehe, I never get tired of giving my pussy a nice rubbing.. lolz and i love being a naughty tease!
love k.
Photos - September 5, 2011
Bent over on the couch spreading her pink
Video - September 9, 2011
Vibrating her pussy showing her juice flowing out on the bed
Kara Duhe
I was getting alot of requests to shoot in socks since i haven't done this for a while, well this is a special treat for my members! =) So i paired one of the socks that i personally bought with my favorite colored tops.. =) teased and striped my panties to show my sweet pink to you. So to all socks legs and ass lovers out there.. enjoy =)
love k.
Photos - August 29, 2011
Glamour posing in her hot purple socks and spreading her gorgeous ass
Video - September 2, 2011
Closeup of her sweet pussy squirting her juice on bed
Kara Duhe
Grey Hat
Hi guys! Just got these super cute knitted shoes and socks from a store and was excited to show them off to you guys so i paired them with a sexy white sheer outfit for this set. Felt so sexy and horny that day. Flahed my titties and teased and thought that i should do some rubbing myself.. hehe =) Don't miss this one.. especially those socks lovers out there.. Enjoy,, =pCiao! ^__^
love k.
Photos - August 22, 2011
In her cute knitted shoes and sexy white outfit fingering her pink
Video - August 26, 2011
Closeup of her pussy getting some nice vibrations twitching in orgasm
Kara Duhe
Xmas Zoom
It's Christmas time! so I decided to play santas favorite elf..heheh.. i put on my elven suit.. I was going to decorate the place with some christmas light.. but since i'm not used to decorating.. i got tangled in the lights.. XD anyways, here's my gift to everyone... one hot christmas! =P. Don't miss this one!
love k.
Photos - August 15, 2011
Flirting in her sexy orange top and panties showing her awesome body
Photos - August 19, 2011
Hot teasing in her santa's elf outfit wrapped with christmas lights
Kara Duhe
Gun Bed
Time to be bad.. lolz.. geez just woke up and was going to dress up for school and guess what i found.. i quiclky showed the gun to my camera guy and he told me to pose with it. It's one kick ass quickie photo shoot. I kinda liked it cause the photo turned like a photo me of as a naked mafia type .. ya know.. the old days.. hehehe.. don't ya'll dare miss this.. or i'll stick you up with this gun ... just kidding.. heheh.. see yah!
love k.
Photos - August 8, 2011
On bed with a gun posing mafia style
Video - August 12, 2011
Backstage before the photo shoot
Kara Duhe
Flowers Out
What perfect sunny day, felt like I needed to go out and walk around and feel the wind. So I wore the sexy floral dress that i recently bought.. i liked it cause the dress is so thin that it feels like you don't have anything on.. and you guys know me.. i like getting naked and rubbed.. so i did in a public place.. posed, striped and teased a little.. lolz better watch it for more.! =P
love k.
Photos - August 1, 2011
Outdoor in her sexy pink dress flashing in public
Video - August 5, 2011
On the chair flaunting her sexy teen body and spreading her wet pink pussy
Kara Duhe
Bed Sun
So just woke from being on my warm bed all night and was just chillin in my pink sexy lingerie. i was alone and no one was looking, so I felt a little horny.. okay not just a little.. heheh.. I like getting naked and showing you my pink pussy! I stripped everything off and spread my gorgeous tight ass and pink pussy.. Hehehe.. if only you were there.. *wink
love k.
Photos - July 25, 2011
Sexy glamorous photos on bed wearing her pink nightie
Video - July 29, 2011
On the chair spreading her pussy after a huge orgasm
Kara Duhe
Pink Socks
I really like this couch, everytime i sit there something really good happens.. lolz.. well i was dressing up and was in my pink socks but cant seem to find my shorts to go with them.. instead i found my vibrator.. well thought you should know.. hehehe.. then i found myself getting naked and spreading my soaked wet pussy for you.. love this couch.. it does wonders..hehe.. =D
love k.
Photos - July 18, 2011
Naughty in her pink socks bending over spreading her pink and ass
Photos - July 22, 2011
Sexy on the kitchen top strip teasing
Kara Duhe
I was going to meet up with the girls to hang out somewhere.. dunno.. =) When i came across the camera man.. and he said i was "HOT!".. well i said "you don't have to say that.. i already know!".. lolz. He said my skirt was really purty.. so I flipped it and showed my ass.. luckily he had his camera on him.. and we started shooting like whatever.. =) This one is crazy cause we did it in a public place. ^__^
love k.
Photos - July 11, 2011
Gets naughty in public. Upskirts and flashing her tits and pink
Photos - July 15, 2011
Teasing on the chair showing her curvy tight body and nice little butt
Kara Duhe
Another fun day at the photo shoot, it was supposed to be glamour stuff, but guess what? it turned out to be more like a strip teasing show.. hehe.. well i kinda like getting naked always *wink.. even though I was wearing my hot and sexy blue nightie which i bought recently.. but i dunno just feel like getting naked that day.. you guys should have been there.. haha.ain't i a flirt? *wink wink
love k.
Photos - July 4, 2011
Stripping in her sexy blue nightie
Photos - July 8, 2011
Pulls up her pink skirt and plays with her pussy on the street
Kara Duhe
Fun photos
I was getting some exercise using my balance ball outside the studio.. its good to be fit you know.. =)until i feel like playing.. so i goofed around and played a bit..hehe..then i felt really hot.. i hate to sweat on my dress so i took it off.. and played again...haha.
love k.
Photos - June 27, 2011
Outdoor fun playing and stripping
Video - July 1, 2011
Toys her pussy and squirts her juice on the white couch
Kara Duhe
Hi there! today we're shooting glamour photos..we'll basically it was supposed to be serious.. until i found this shell..the funny thing is, it looks like my pussy.. hehe..the difference is well..mine is much tighter.. lolz..i really had fun doing this.. ^__^
love k.
Photos - June 20, 2011
Sexy photo shoot with a pussy shell
Video - June 24, 2011
Got her dildo totally wet with multiple orgasms
Kara Duhe
White dress chair
I was just trying on my new sheer white dress.. minding my own business..just being cute and all.. lolz..got a little tired standing around so i grabed a chair.. and saw my dildo..hmm..guess what i did next? haha..
love k.
Photos - June 13, 2011
Plays with her pussy on her chair
Video - June 17, 2011
Behind the scene wearing her cute socks and chatting
Kara Duhe
White flower
Yeah was just standing around hanging out when i saw this beautiful flower.. so i picked it up and smelled it.. it smells so sweet.. i dunno what happened but the next thing i knew.. i was getting naughty with it.. lolz.. =)
love k.
Photos - June 6, 2011
Upskirts and pussy flashing with a flower
Video - June 10, 2011
Behind the scenes, fitting fun, chatting and giggles
Kara Duhe
White Blue
It was kinda late and I was going to hit the bed wearing my sheer white lingerie, so there i was laying in bed can't seem to get some sleep then a little later i found myself bent over in my bed rubbing my pussy.. hehe..naughty me.. *grin
love k.
Photos - May 30, 2011
On her bed rubbing her pussy
Video - June 3, 2011
Backstage fun dress fitting preparing for the shoot
Kara Duhe
Horiz Video
Great there was nothing to do.. i was chillin in the studio..so bored that day that i needed something you know.. out of the ordinary.. so i was wearing these cute green panties and the next thing i know i was licking the floor. hehe.. would you like to know what happned next? =))
love k.
Photos - May 23, 2011
Naughtily teasing and licking the floor
Video - May 27, 2011
On the couch vibrating her pussy
Kara Duhe
Plaid Shoes
Hi guys, just preparing for my next photo and video shoot.. so I'm trying a bunch of new clothes to wear..oh i mean to strip off.. hahaha.. hope you can watch this.. so you can know me a little more..
love k.
Video - May 16, 2011
Squirting her juice on the couch
Video - May 20, 2011
Rubbing her clits after blowing a huge orgasm
Kara Duhe
It was a perfect sunny day to go outside for some fun. I was thinking I would go to the mall to cool off, but you know me, I had other things on my mind...hehe, So I grabbed my cute bikini and jumped right into the pool and since you've never seen me play in the pool, i grabbed mr.camera man for an extra hand.. lolz
love k.
Photos - May 9, 2011
Going crazy and naughty on the pool
Video - May 13, 2011
Picking and matching outfits naked
Kara Duhe
I'm was all dressed up and ready for my shoot, but stil waiting till they finished up some stuff.I saw this cute big pink ball and played and fooled around abit..okay maybe not abit..lolz.. i started teasing... check out what happened next.=)
love k.
Photos - May 2, 2011
Playing outdoor in her cute and sexy purple socks
Video - May 6, 2011
Backstage giggles dressing up and pussy flashing
Kara Duhe
White Stockings
I was just feeling lonely today so i tried on a bunch of clothes..to cheer me up and guess what i picked? yeah.. stockings! thought... i can make a cool set with this outfit since i rarely wear this kinda stuff.. saw the camera guy grabbed him and started shooting
love k.
Photos - April 25, 2011
Teasing in her white sexy stockings and a flower
Video - April 29, 2011
On the bed rubbing off, vibrating and dildoing her itching pussy
Kara Duhe
I was in the backyard just chillin in my cute hello kitty pink undies.. trying to catch some healthy rays ...then i realized i was alone and just laying on my back.. so. started striping, the next thing i knew i was fondling my snatch with a dildo..^__^
love k.
Photos - April 18, 2011
In her sexy glasses rubbing her snatch with a dildo
Video - April 22, 2011
In the backyard teasing while playing some ball
Kara Duhe
White door video
Hi guys just arrived from the mall.. and wheew.. it was one fun day but guess what i got for ya'll? Hmm.. new sexy dresses just for you guys! lolz.. so I tried on this fine white dress i got and felt so good that i started rubbing my body i got extra horny when my panties came off ..hehe. and the rest.. you gotta find out.. *winks
love k.
Photos - April 11, 2011
Teasing showing off her small titties
Video - April 15, 2011
On the bed bent over pleasing herself
Kara Duhe
Pink Video
I was going to wash up, then the camera man saw me wearing my sexy lingerie and said "hold that thought" so i stopped and he grabbed the camera..the next thing i knew we were doing a shoot, the best thing was he gave me my fav dildo.. and I did some morning clit exercise. hehe..you should not miss it.. lolz..=)
love k.
Photos - April 4, 2011
In the bath doing some clit exercise
Video - April 8, 2011
Fun teasing and giggles in the pool
Kara Duhe
White Socks
Just got back from school.. and man I'm tired so i sat down to change but i got lazy and left my socks and top on ^__^ But you know me, they soon came off when i saw my toy. Touched and played a bit..and wow... how relaxing.. don't you wish you were here.. lolz.
love k.
Photos - March 28, 2011
Masturbating in her sexy white socks
Video - April 1, 2011
Behind the scenes pussy shots
Kara Duhe
Yellow Stand
Peace and love to all! hehe.. guess what i found? yeah sexy 60's outfit! It was love at first glance.. so cute!.. especially the top that just covers my nips..and the hippy peace panty.lolz so hot and sexy..that i found myself touching and getting naughty with my toy,, again.. hehe.. Enjoy! =)
love k.
Photos - March 21, 2011
In her cute yellow hippy dress putting a toy in her snatch
Video - March 25, 2011
Behind the scence close ups shots of a pussy eating a dildo
Kara Duhe
Ass Horiz
This set was supposed to be a glamour shoot but for some reason i got really turned, on lucky for me there was a toy lying around, grabed and sucked it and rubbed it into my pussy and ass until i got off..:). I know its alot of extra work coz it wasn't planned, but i bet the camera man didn't mind.. haha *wink
love k.
Photos - March 14, 2011
Bent over on the floor with a dildo in her pussy
Video - March 18, 2011
Backstage fitting and showing off her dresses naked
Kara Duhe
Video 02
I was just chillin' in my favorite spot in the studio..the couch..hehe.. when i felt really cold and thought i kinda needed something to do to warm myself..lolz.. you know what happen next? thats for you to find out.. hehe..=)
love k.
Photos - March 7, 2011
Naked on couch toying her wet pussy
Video - March 11, 2011
Sitting down sucking a dildo and vibrating her pussy
Kara Duhe
Red sunup
I was running around naked in the studio..yeah.. i know.. i'm such a brat..lolz..when i saw this new red glassy thingy.. dunno what it is for.. look like a chair..hmm.. thought it would look good with me on it..haha.. so i grabbed mr.camera man and then shoot..
love k.
Photos - February 28, 2011
Shows her pretty ass on a glass chair
Video - March 4, 2011
Blushing after blowing a huge orgasm
Kara Duhe
It reminds me of my early days when i would wear this kind of cute rainbow high socks...i would look cuter if i had a bigo'l sucker to lick.. but since there's none.. i grabbed my dildo and started licking and playing with it..which i know y'all like.lolz
love k.
Photos - February 21 2011
In her hot socks playing with her pussy
Video - February 25, 2011
Amazing closeup clit massaging
Kara Duhe
Blue hood
Was just hanging out and trying to get some sun and warm up for the day.. when i realized that sun isn't enough to get me warmed up.. so slid off my panties and did some rubbing .. but know what.. i felt a little extra horny that day.. so i grabbed my toy and i warmed up more.. hehehe..
love k.
Photos - February 14, 2011
Getting her pussy wet with a dildo
Video - February 18, 2011
On the window sliding in her dildo
Kara Duhe
Floral dress moving
I was off to go to my friends retro party.. so grabbed from the mall this super hot old dress.. I dunno what was with me that day i felt so hot.. maybe because i'm excited..lolz.. so before i go.. thought i should ease up on my excitement..hehe =)
love k.
Photos - February 7, 2011
Sits on a dildo in her hot yellow skirt
Video - February 11, 2011
Vibrating and dildoing her pussy on the floor
Kara Duhe
Black lingerie
another lazy day for me..haha..=) just got up from bed brushed off my hair and sat on the couch to read the paper.. was to lazy to get changed then i felt like doing a little teaseing and show some morning pink..thought since i'm gonna take it off.. better to have the camera on.. hehe..
love k.
Photos - January 31, 2011
Teasing in her sultry black lingerie
Video - February 4, 2011
Fingers her pussy after a huge orgasm
Kara Duhe
It's a beautiful day..just got up and was going to the bathroom..dunno why i feel cold when it's so sunny? maybe because i was just wearing my sheer green lingerie.. with no panties of course.. lolz.. hehe.. thought i should warm up the day with a clit exercise.. *winks..
love k.
Photos - January 24, 2011
Upskirt in her hot sheer green nightie
Video - January 28, 2011
All fun candid behind the scene shots
Kara Duhe
Orange flower
I was just hangin' out by the window all by myself.. when i suddenly felt really horny, tried to get a hold of my dildo but can't seem to find it.. then i saw this pretty cute flower...hmm.. that will do.. haha..posed a little bit and showed some pink..
love k.
Photos - January 17, 2011
Flashing her goodies by the window
Video - January 21, 2011
On the couch vibrating and sliding a huge glass dildo into her pussy
Kara Duhe
Black socks
I got these super hot undies and these kick ass black socks from the closet.. hmm. so i tried then on and woo.. it looks really hot..so you know me.. i decided to do a big teasing set i touched and played around a little.hehe.. hope you like it..
love k.
Photos - January 10, 2011
In her badass socks and pink top spreading her legs
Video - January 14, 2011
Vibrating her snatch with a green toy

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