Kara Duhe
Dear diary...
Funny, quirky, cute, silly, horny, that's me... everywhere... all the time... .
You really want to know what makes me tick? You want to get inside my fabulous little head lolz!!! (or maybe you just want inside my pants.. hehehe)
Join me inside and read my personal diary - you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll sing and dance !!!! - well.... maybe not dance =))
"I met up with one of my best friends to go shopping and the typical girly stuff. I bought the cutest white dress that barely shows off my boobies...hehehe if your lucky maybe you'll see me wearing it soon. :)"
"So now Im just sitting here in my room....kinda lonely, hmmm I'm pretty sure I know what would keep me good company??? haha yes my vibarator....oops! haha I think I'm being a bit naughty, I think I should go take a timeout and enjoy my "company" if you know what I mean :) "

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