Kara Duhe
blah blah blah... i love to chat!!
Don't be shy, get on that keyboard and chat me up!!!!
Tell me your dreams... your goals... your aspirations... or just tell me what you had for lunch!!! hahaha - i know... cheesy joke... not funny=))
Guess what color underwear I'm wearing... why guess just ask me silly lolz!!! (by the way... does no underwear count as a color?)
How does three times a week sound - meet me there or be square ;)))
kara I luv the color of your hair - spun gold maybe - what's your fav color?

hi Bob - last time i was asked that was grade seven lol!!! i love the color of a sunset orangie/red, i love the colour of the ocean deep turquoise - but I'll say blue, same color as my favorite dildo hehehe...


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