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Video help
FULL HD 1080p videos
Our videos are offered in four sizes and resolutions, no matter how old you computer,
it will be able to run one or more of the size formats
Size and Resolutions for both WMV and MOV files are:

01: Streaming 700X406 4,800kbs peak rate.
02: 1280X720p HD 4,800kbs peak rate.
03: 1920X1080p FULL HD 8,400 peak rate.

Unless you have a new dual processor PC or MAC, you will probably have stop and start problems with 03: THE FULL HD 1920X1080p video. We recommend that you try the smaller size resolutions until you find out what works best for you computer. Also the larger the size the bigger the file and the longer it will take to download. You can always download the FULL HD video for when you get a faster computer. The speed at which the video will play is dependent on the speed of your processor. The amount of RAM memory that you have does not effect videos.

01: WMV Windmedia works on all PC's and Sony has announced that there PS3 game counsel will be able to run WMV files.

02: MOV Quicktime H.264 Blue ray videos will run on you pc if you play them in Quicktime which comes with iTunes, without a doubt the quality is better and they will also play on a BlueRay player.

03: iPod & iPhone videos are described below. If you have a MAC you can click on the IPod/iPhone link and they will play in Quicktime, if you want a lower res quick view of whats inside.

04: We have recently added FLASH videos for a quick fast low-res video, to preview the videos. Here is a link to a great FREE program that will play any video format that you have and will run them together it you want one long movie.
iPhone help
We supply iPhone videos in four differen formats.
01: The highest resolution video are the downloadable ones. Right click to download and save to your hard disk. Then drag them into iTunes and synch them with your iPod or iPhone.

02: The streaming videos have a built in bandwith monitor. If your iPhone is on EDGE (the slowest bandwith) it will deliver a low res that will play.

03: If your iPhone is on Wi_Fi it will deliver automaticaly a high resolution video that will stream on Wi_Fi.

04:If your iPhone 3G is on it will deliver automaticaly a high resolution video that will stream on the 3G newwork.

05: If you are on a MAC and you click on streaming it will deliver to your Safari browser the highest resolution..
Firefox users
If you are using FIREFOX the color photographs and video on ALL SITES, will look faded and washed out. The FIREFOX developers are aware of the problem and have added COLOR CORRECTION into the latest FIREFOX 3. Unfortunately it is off by default.

To see the beauty of our site and all others. I recommend that you download and install a file that will turn on the color correction in FIREFOX. XP users with internet explorer - , MAC users - - THESE ARE SAFE SITES. The links are actively working on 08/07/08.
Password problems
If you are having trouble with your password or access, please contact the credit card processor that you used to signup. This is the fastest way since we do not have access to your credit card number.

If you cannot find a solution here, then email us. But please make sure you give us the site you singed up for along with the name of the credit card processor and your membership number and or your user/ pass. Without which it is very difficult to help you.
Cancel your membership
Please do not email us - links below are the only way to cancel
I signed up with CCbill:
CCbill customer service
I signed up with Epoch:
Epoch customer service
Important notice regarding chargebacks and fraud
If you are thinking about signing up to this site and then charging it back to me because "it wasn't what you expected".... THINK AGAIN. tells you what you get BEFORE you sign-up. We don't have any false advertising. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. If you have any questions about ANYTHING in regards to WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE in the members area of best thing to do is send an email with your question(s). We're happy to answer them.
** Charge backs only hurt YOU and the entire online community **
A "charge back" takes place when you pay for something with your credit card (for example, signing up for this web site) and then you dispute the charge later with your credit card company. If I receive a charge back from your account, CCbill will BLOCK your credit card and include you into a database of NEGATIVE cardholders, thus PREVENTING YOU FROM SIGNING UP TO ANY OTHER SITE processed by CCbill. Other internet credit card companies handle charge backs the same way. This measure is taken to protect both you and online merchants from fraudulent credit card purchases.
** Fraud warning **
Users who intentionally gain access to this site with no intention of paying, and later dispute the charge with their credit card company and/or refuse to pay the charge, are committing fraud and are subject to criminal and civil litigation under interstate commerce laws. If you don't have any intention of paying for your membership, don't sign up!
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