Kara Duhe
White stockings
I was wearing these hot white stockings, so hot that i felt my wild side trying to burst out.. and then found myself strip teasing for you..
love k.
Photos - April 23, 2012
Spreading her cherries in sexy lingerie
Video - April 27, 2012
In bed shaking in orgasm
Kara Duhe
White Glasses
I was doing some reading, got a little tired and thought i needed rest, i saw my toy, and felt a little horny.. well not a little.. lolz. find out for youself what happened next!
love k.
Photos - April 30, 2012
Sexy teasing and hot dildo sucking
Video - May 04, 2012
Fantastic tit and pussy closeups in bed
Kara Duhe
I was going to lunch with my girl friends.. so i grabbed and wore my new pink dress.. it's super hot.. i like how it hugs my body tight! and how it shows my curvy ass.. sweet i love it!
love k.
Photos - May 07, 2012
Loving it pink!
Video - May 11, 2012
In her pink bra rubbing her clits
Kara Duhe
Sunup pink
Got up early today and it's a great day.. I was supposed to go somewhere but can't find my panties..lolz.. so i decided to put up a big teasing show.. hope ya'll like it! =)
love k.
Photos - May 14, 2012
Looking hot under the lights
Video - May 17, 2012
Backstage makeup and dress fitting peep show
Kara Duhe
Sunup white
I love watching sunsets..actually it turns me on for some weird reason.. lolz.. it was so beautiful that i felt like getting naked.. so i did.. hehe.. =))
love k.
Photos - May 20, 2012
Fantastic naked glamour shots
Video - May 24, 2012
Backstage trying on dresses for the shoot
Kara Duhe
I was trying to take a breather in the terrace when i saw this chunk of pineapple on the table.. Ii felt like licking it and got horny.. hehe.. so i stripped and posed a little bit.. you know i'm naughty.. lolz*wink
love k.
Photos - May 27, 2012
Lusting for a pineapple
Video - June 01, 2012
Fantastic pussy fondling and close ups
Kara Duhe
One rose
This is one of my fav. a glamour shot with a rose.. the flowers smells great.. but my flower is just awesome! lolz.. really.. if you could just smell it.. hehe ^__^
love k.
Photos - June 04, 2012
Posing nude with her fav flower
Video - June 07, 2012
Awesome clit vibrations
Kara Duhe
Argyle socks
I was trying to take a bath.. but then i got lazy.. so i laid on the floor half naked.. thinking that i'm alone ..so i started sliding off my panties then i got really hot and you know what's next.. =))
love k.
Photos - June 11, 2012
Spreading her pussy in the bathroom
Video - June 14, 2012
Black heels, red lipstick and a close in pussy rub
Kara Duhe
Sunup Goddess
I love morning and I love the sun. At day break all women are goddesses. I always wake up horny, maybe that's why i love it so much.
love k.
Photos - June 17, 2012
A kiss of sunlight through a perfect peach
Video - June 21, 2012
Hot toy sucking in bed
Kara Duhe
just got my hair done..was so tired.. so i went to catch some sun in the beach wearing my bikini..well i wanted to get some lotion on..but there wasn't any.. so hmm.. i just need to make some..lolz! I grabbed my toy and got myself wet..
love k.
Photos - June 25, 2012
On the beach teasing in her hot bikini
Video - June 28, 2012
Shaking in orgasm cums hard on the couch

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